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Mission Statement

RJI is a woman owned business focused on delivering staffing, recruitment, talent acquisition and various organizational developmental services across a multitude of industries and position verticals. 

As a woman owned business RJI holds diversity, equity and inclusion in the highest regard when working with clients and candidates alike.  These values are the core and are at the forefront of everything achieved by the organization.  Being a values driven organization, RJI partners with its clients and candidates to ensure that all partnerships are equitable regardless of what a person Looks Like, where they Live, or who they Love.  RJI has coined these the three "L's" and it is the core value that the organization lives by.  You can rest assured when working with RJI as a client you will see the most diverse candidate pool a position and industry has to offer, and that as a candidate you will be represented by a firm who has your best interest at heart to ensure you are compensated and treated fairly for the work and position you will be performing! 


*RJI is committed to equal employment opportunity and is dedicated to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion exceeding compliance requirements.  Recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce of all backgrounds and perspectives contributes to the overall success of our clients .  By helping to foster an equitable culture of inclusivity and belonging, we assist our clients in maintaining an environment in which all staff feel welcomed, valued, and engaged in their work.

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